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Infinity Music Group.

As I mentioned in The JD Family, part 2, in 2018 I started a new brand/business named Infinity Music Group. Starting IMG wasn’t so much an epiphany, but just more the natural progression of how i’d been operating in the 18+ months prior to launching. I go on about this ALL the time, but the dream for me (like most artists) has always been to be in control of my own music, so I can simply make music I love in the way I want to.

Whether it’s through the songs I write, records/artwork/music videos I make or shows I perform, my goal in making music since day one has always been to do so honestly; where I can stand beside my portfolio of work proudly, knowing that I didn’t cut any corners to fit into any boxes that I didn’t create myself - especially in order for it to be “successful”. In the last 5 years or so, i’ve been flattered on a few occasions to be approached by a small number of record label A&R, artist managers, publishers, booking agents and so on as they’ve seen potential in me. I learnt early on not to take anybody’s opinions personally and that everyone has their own agenda & perspective, but it took me a long time to realise or accept that it was also okay for me to have my own agenda & ideals too, and that they don’t have to look anything like anybody else’s. There is no right way of doing this.

This taught me to not get offended by not being what somebody is looking for (thankfully another lesson I learnt early on). I always think about the fact that the highest selling albums of all time are still only a fraction of all the music ever sold, meaning that not everybody has to like what you do in order to be successful.

For me to be truly happy in what I do (which is one of the most important ways I measure my own success), it’s vital that I make the music I love. It sounds so simple but at times, that can feel like an incredibly far fetched ideology. The only way I have been able to remain doing this so far as an artist has been by staying independent, which has its own range of challenges. My desire for control doesn’t stem from greed though, this isn’t about riches or recognition for me. By remaining in control of my own music (releases/touring etc.) I can ensure these priorities are in order, which again does mean more work but to me it’s worth it. I am not trying to isolate myself, I always want to work with new people and develop relationships but I think it’s important to stay true to your own values, even if the music you make evolves over time and the visions change.

I love being able to choose what, or the way in which I offer myself up to the world. As I am not signed to any record labels currently, the only advice I let in on a creative level is from the people who are actually involved in the project. Matt, Em, the whole JD gang. I choose to have these people around me and value their opinions; whether I follow their advice directly or not it is always helpful to have their perspective as none of them overstep the mark and encourage me regardless.

Back to IMG though. Currently, a lot of my vision for this sort of ‘umbrella’ company of mine feels achievable, but currently quite out of reach. There is so much groundwork to be done in multiple directions before I can truly implement the ideas I have, but I think it’s all going to be worth it and I am excited to see where things end up. I’d love to be able to let you look through some sort of futuristic telescope, to show you all the dreams & visions I have; the future of what I hope to achieve with IMG as a record label/promoter and so on. Truth is, the music industry is a rapidly evolving universe and although my hopes & ideas stay the same at their core (a large aspect of the dream being to develop the community in my team and grow things, to be able to support more talented people through opportunity to record/tour/work etc. and not just myself; it’s not all about me I promise ha!) the way in which it eventually unfolds will forever be changing I think.

Telling you about IMG and giving you a small insight into it all excites me. As i’m sure you can tell, i’ve always been ambitious with my music and I have so much to give it because I truly love making music and sharing it with anyone willing to listen. Heading into a new year I remain truly blown away by your support for my music and everything i’m doing, I have so much to share with you and I really hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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